Jabali Smith

In Slave: A Human Trafficking Survivor finds Life, author Jabali Smith chronicles his journey of survival as a child slave. 
Betrayed and abandoned by his mother, he was forced to navigate the streets of a violent and unforgiving world all before the age of ten. 
He battled against hunger, depression and the brutality of a ruthless doomsday cult leader and sexual predator. His story is the tale of a child warrior who remains defiant in the face of his tormentors, and ultimately learns to develop love, compassion and forgiveness. 


- J A B A L I  S M I T H 

"In my darkest hour I found my greatest strength, 

 a true story of Love, Compassion & Forgiveness"


"This is my story. But maybe it's your story too?" 

Jabali Smith is a Bay Area native, Author and Founder/Executive Director of The Well Child Foundation. The Foundation is dedicated to creating an environment that fosters health, growth and transformation for foster children and inner city youth who have experienced abuse, as well as for victims of human trafficking and sexual exploitation. Jabali is an avid community volunteer and father of a handsome, healthy son, he lives in Oakland California.